‘Trep On: Working on a Work Schedule or A Working Schedule That Works


When it comes to the how regular work schedules are designed, it seems to have been a decision vested upon us by an unknown entity from back-in-the-day. Times where things, people and just business overall worked very differently. The variety of work dynamics and models found in businesses all over the country and even the world nowadays has people looking for innovative ways to divide work hours with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity and efficiency.


The key to identifying the correct work schedule may be an individual task. Even though some companies don’t allow for such freedom of exploration, small changes in your before and after work routines can have the biggest impact.


Start by identifying what your most productive time of the day is. The earliest you wake up, the longer your day will be and feel. Then consider this:



The more unnecessary technology and everyday distractions you have around the more likely you are to deviate from your tasks and keep focus. A good thing to do is to set your phone to airplane mode or completely put it away if possible. Many jobs require employees to be in constant communication, nevertheless if there is a time specifically dedicated to knocking tasks with no other purpose the more likely you are to quickly finishing them.


Focus Aids

When it comes to keeping focus on what we’re doing many things can go wrong. Aside from the previously mentioned distractions, once we have different tasks opened on our favorite browser there’s always the possibility of opening just one more tab for Facebook or any other site that can take you on a downward spiral of social media frenzy. For this there’s many things that can help employees stay on track.


One of the best computer and phone programs specifically designed for this is Freedom. This software helps you create work schedules and designate specific website you can and can’t access. For apple product users there is an already built-in preference to help with this as well called self-control. This allows you to pick the website that go on the black-list, for those sites you can’t access or on the white-list to select the only websites you can access during the selected period of time. For Windows users there is Cold Turkey, which even though it is pretty similar to the other programs it contains a setting called “frozen turkey” that changes the whole game. This setting is perfect to help you stick to a sleeping schedule or a reading and signing papers one. When you select that option the program completely locks you out of your computer letting you focus on the specific tasks you have to do which don’t require technology.



No matter what productiveness skills we have under our belt when it comes to having the energy and drive to accomplish our goals it comes down to the lifestyle we adhere to. Nutrition plays a big role in this as well as sleep cycles. Different people have different needs when it comes to food intake but energy-full snacks are everybody’s ballgame. Fruit snacks such as apples and bananas full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber are great as well as trail mix packs with ingredients like almonds, macadamia nuts and raisins.


Take these factors into account and develop your tailored workflow. There is no magical antidote to cure unproductiveness or help us be the best workers. It all comes down to how much effort each person puts into crafting the best working routine for themselves.



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