‘Trep On: App-solutely Helpful



No matter what growth stage your company is in, we can always use a little help from a good app. More and more advances in technology are coming out and making lives easier, but when it comes to having the most help from the fewest apps employers and employees can get lost in the sea of options.

Here’s a list of the most used and best-rated apps many entrepreneurs are using:

LinkedIn Recruiter

What’s better than LinkedIn? LinkedIn on the go! This awesome app allows users to access all the great tools offered on the website and contact potential employees no matter how busy you are. Thousands of candidates, whose capabilities and tools are listed, are accessible in the palm of your hand.


A storage cloud that can be accessed anywhere is definitely in the top apps any business owner, professional and freelancer should have. It not only makes it easy to have all your files in one single place but it also allows you to share files in a second with people who don’t have an account.


Sending emails and organizing subscriber lists has never been easier. MailChimp helps your emails with all kinds of tools. It also helps business owners see the open rate and click rate on the emails being sent while having the most organized groups of subscribers you can ever hope for.


For those busy entrepreneurs that are constantly on the move and can’t take their office calls, RingCentral will help you manage all calls and texts from different locations. It is not only free but has over seven thousand reviews that put it in the 3.5 star rating.


This amazing app lets you use pre-made templates to design everything from a flyer to social media posts and headers. A graphic designer is not always part of an initial team in a new business with a limited budget. Canva, a free app and program, makes it easy and affordable to have great quality material to represent your company.


Touted as a virtual “chief of staff,” Accompany does all the research necessary to prep you for big meetings by emailing you a concise briefing beforehand. It provides you with all the pertinent information you will need to succeed in any situation. Accompany works by connecting to your Google or Microsoft email account, your mobile calendar and your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It examines your personal data and goes through biographies and other information online to create summaries of each of your contacts.


Salesforce1 empowers you to connect directly with your customers and run your business from your phone. It channels all your customer information into a single, integrated platform, enabling you to build a client-centered business that includes marketing, sales, customer service and business analysis. This gives you a more complete understanding of your customers, allowing you to drive your business’s success and make smarter decisions from anywhere in real time.



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