‘Trep On: Building a Strong Employee Foundation

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As entrepreneurs, each one of us knows the importance of having the right team. The components that make an employee the right fit for a company vary, but the adherence to core values and internal development is usually the same.

When evaluating the performance of your team, it is often overlooked to start with an evaluation of yourself- as the company leader. The principle of continuously coaching yourself as well as your employees for the best results and growth as a kind of leadership is imperative for any business. It all starts with good and honest communication that allows weaknesses to be shared and improved, and strengths to be shared and celebrated.

When a leader of a company, team or project is on top of the needs of his/her company it becomes easy to know the specific skills and strengths needed in a person, in addition to what role the individual is best suited to fill. Nevertheless, targeting strengths is just as important as targeting weaknesses. When an employee overpowers the areas where he/she does not excel it becomes very easy to not pay attention to it.

A good leader should always encourage the team to keep growing personally and professionally no matter how much expertise they develop on their current position. New skills often strengthen already established ones and make way to a different and more productive mind.

It is also very important for employees to feel not only comfortable in their job, but to feel the impact they’re making, the results they’re bringing and how they can improve. To ensure this, employers can set concrete goals to encourage measured results and have bi-weekly individual  evaluations where strengths and weaknesses can be assessed. Many employees look to their employers for opportunities to continue their growth, so be sure to pay mind to what your employees are asking for concerning additional training and learning sessions. 

Unassessed problems can hold back any company and can definitely bring hardships to a small business. Listen to the needs of your employees and act on them within reason.  Keep coaching, keep growing- your business will thank you.



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