EOSA Member of the Month: Michelle Shetler, Owner at Shetler Fine Jewelers


Michelle Shetler, Owner at Shetler Fine Jewelers

Tell us a little bit about your business. 
Shetler Fine Jewelers is a boutique-style fine jewelry store with an atypical location. We are located in Quarry Heights, an upscale office building in Alamo Heights. We provide a warm and inviting atmosphere where clients experience the highest quality of customer service. We offer an exceptional array of fine jewelry and are known for our “Wish Lists” that women create for themselves. My store is not only owned by a woman, but it is run by 10 women! As most fine jewelry stores have men, being all women separates us from the rest! We know what she wants, and we gently remind our busy male clients of their special someone or significant other’s special occasions throughout the year. In addition, we offer concierge services such as personal shopping, gift wrapping, and delivery. Celebrated moments and lifelong relationships are treasured by all of us at Shetler Fine Jewelers.


What is your entrepreneurial fuel? or what keeps your business spirit going? 
My store has attracted the most loyal clients over the last 12 years and these supportive clients are the driving force behind my passion for the jewelry business. I enjoy being a part of their special occasions and bringing a smile to each of their faces as they celebrate life’s precious moments. I also have the pleasure of working with 10 amazing women each and every day! We empower each other to be our very best. They are another family to me!


What is one piece of advice you’d give from your experience of being an entrepreneur?

If you dream it, then do it! And never give up!


What are your favorite things to do outside of the office? 
I love spending time with my family. I have a loving and supportive husband of almost 25 years, and we have a son and a daughter who are both in college. We love to travel as much as we can!


What is on the horizon for you- either in your business or personal life? 
I have decided to go back to school and study to become a Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America.


What would you consider your biggest achievement or greatest moment of euphoria in your business? 
Hiring the right people to join my team has created and molded the Shetler Fine Jewelers’ culture. When I started hiring for culture fit, everything began to change!


What are some goals for yourself in the next 10 years? 
I want to become a Graduate Gemologist. I want to guide and train at least one of my children to join my business whether that be in this location or opening an alternate location. I want to travel more, especially in the summertime.


What do you love most about EO? Why would you recommend EO to a fellow entrepreneur? 
I love EO because it’s an organization of like-minded entrepreneurs who can share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. I especially love my Forum because they are like my own board of directors that I meet with on a monthly basis.


What leader, mentor or fellow entrepreneur has been an inspiration for you?
My parents have been role models and mentors to me over the years because they have each owned their own businesses. Since I was a teenager, I learned to have a strong work ethic from both of them. Having a mother who worked while I was growing up showed me what family and work balance looked like.


What are some of your favorite extracurricular activities? Things you do with your family or friends?
I love to travel and explore new places! I especially love being outdoors in cool temperatures and fresh air and hiking in the mountains of Colorado in the summertime.



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