EOSA Member of the Month: Kris Vandeneinde, Owner of Oils for Everything


Kris Vandeneinde, Owner of Oils for Everything

Tell us a little bit about your business. 
I own two e-commerce businesses. One is an arbitrage method of e-commerce and the other is our own brand, Oils For Everything, which is an essential oils company in the health and wellness industry. We provide products, services and training to people who use and sell essential oils.

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? 
I can’t say there is just one thing I love most. For me I love the independence of being able to direct my own destiny. I love the challenge of seeing how far I can go in my business. I love the discipline it takes to make a business succeed. I love the freedom of being able to spend time with my family while making money. I love the power of knowing that my creative ideas are not just a dream, but a reality waiting to happen.

What is one piece of advice you’d give from your experience of being an entrepreneur? 
Don’t allow fear to stop you. There will always be something in the way to cause you fear, but overcoming that fear and pressing on is what will separate you from the rest and lead to success.

What are your favorite things to do outside of the office? 
I love the outdoors, so when I can I like to go hiking, fishing, exploring and just be adventurous.

What makes you the happiest? 
I am a family man with young growing children. So right now in my life my joy comes from spending time with my wife and kids.

What would you consider your biggest achievement or greatest moment of euphoria in your business? 
I had started my business on the side while I was working a full time job for a major corporation. That moment of euphoria came the day I was able to quit my full time job and realized that I was now an entrepreneur and was never going back.

What is your favorite book? 
Well besides the Bible which seems to me to be the root of any good book, I would pick The Law of Success by Napolean Hill. That is the only other book I go back to over and over again.

What do you love most about EO? Why would you recommend EO to a fellow entrepreneur? 
I love being able to join in “mastermind” groups to go over each others business, knowing that it is not a place to pitch your business, but rather a place to grow from the knowledge of others mistakes and lessons learned. I would recommend EO to anyone who is truly wanting to grow their business and not just by getting more business, but by looking at the real roots of what your business is about and how to make it grow.

What leader, mentor or fellow entrepreneur has been an inspiration for you? 
When I moved from Colorado 5 years ago, a friend of mine moved to Tennessee at the same time and we kept in touch after to encourage each other to start our own business. We both had aspirations of being an entrepreneur and would often challenge each other with different ideas. He was the one who got me involved in the business I am in now and he is the one who introduced me to EO, so I would say that my friend Aric Habeck was my inspiration.

What are some of your favorite extracurricular activities? Things you do with your family or friends?

My boys and I are involved in an organization called Trail Life that meets weekly. I am the leader of the Navigators who are young men ages 11-14 that are learning to become leaders. We get to go camping with this group every month and that is one of the highlights of our month. We also are a foster family so it is often very difficult to get a babysitter, but when we can, my wife and I love to get out and enjoy downtown on a nice date night.



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