‘Trep On: What’s Your Brand Personality?

With over 2 million views on YouTube alone, you may have heard of or seen the Greatest Ted Talk ever sold. If you haven’t, take a listen to filmmaker Morgan Spurlock as he attempts to help you understand where the intersection of a fractured media landscape, branding and advertising converge into your brand personality.

His mission was to create a movie about sponsorship entirely funded by sponsorships. A long shot idea that actually seems interesting, if pulled off correctly. However after visiting with a variety of film companies, it was apparent that the biggest struggle he would face is finding companies willing to surrender control to a single show film maker. After being turned down by all the film companies he pitched, he set out to find out what his he termed “the fatal flaw”. Transparency. The companies he reached out to wanted Spurlock to tell their story, not his. So he set out to find out where to start to find people to work with more like himself. He underwent analysis to find what his own ‘brand personality” was and used that as a tool to find the companies that would be willing to work with him, and whom which enviably did.

There’s an interesting bit in this talk in which Spurlock goes out into the streets to ask every day people to describe what their personal brands were. The answers ranged from hippy to dark glam to classic like a Mercedes Benz. I want to encourage you to bring that idea back in for a moment. Starting with you as an individual, how would you describe your personal brand? Are you willing and strong? Perhaps you are jolly and eager. After finding what you consider to be the essence of your brand, how can that be woven into what you would consider your company’s brand? Finding a perfect marriage that integrates who you are as a business owner and what your business aims to do for your clients can establish everything from company values and missions to interactions between your company and others you want collaborate with in the future.

If you are anything like Spurlock, you’re mindful and playful personal brand will put in on the playing field with the likes of Apple, Nintendo, Old Navy and Mini- some of which he got to participate in sponsoring his film about sponsorship. Using his personal brand, he managed to use his newfound knowledge as a guide to leveraging what he needed from like minded people willing to help fulfill his purpose. A tool that essentially lead him to fulfill his project and business. So next time you find yourself in a situation that leads itself to your company’s brand personality, evaluate the worth of analyzing the personality brands of everyone involved. So, where you sold on “The Greatest Ted Talk Ever Sold?”



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