‘Trep On: Becoming a “Now-ist”

It’s an oldie but goodie and just as relevant now as it was back in 2014. Let’s talk about it.

Joi Ito and a group of people from the internet put their brains together after a large scale earthquake struck their families in Japan. From it, they created a new software that is able to measure radiation and share that data that the public in real time. A service they decided to implement themselves after feeling that the government wasn’t going to provide it for them.

They were able to do so thanks to the connectivity of the internet. The cost of development and production is going down. Things that used to take large groups of people are now nearly laborless and the internet has cut the cost so much, that innovation is being pushed to the surface. The power of being connected allows us to be engaged at all times and in doing so puts valuable resources at your fingertips. You can reach out to peers in a matter of seconds and even more importantly, create new things with people you might have otherwise not have met.

What Ito wants people to understand is that the earthquake that shook, almost too literally, the Japanese community, it shouldn’t have to be the event that allows people to deploy socially beneficial ideas. Why wait for it to get to a threatening situation? Forget the permissions, what is stopping us from creating something awesome and doing it now? What was once described as the “Publish or perish” style of thinking has evolved to “deploy or die”. Great ideas are simply ideas until they are released into the real world. If they are not acted upon, then what was the value? “You have to get the stuff into the real world for it to really count” says Ito, “we should be getting out there ourselves and not depending on large institutions to do it for us.” That’s why Ito talks about being in the moment and being a “Now-ist.” If you have the next big idea, share it now! If you think you can improve your business by adding or subtracting something, do it now! Act on your ideas when you get them rather than waiting for the possibility of something different to come along. Your idea might be just what other people are waiting for!



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