October EO Member Stoplight: Casey Roy- President and CEO of Casey Roy Interior Design


1. Tell us a little bit about your business.   
Casey Roy Design is a full service interior design firm.  We work hand in hand with our clients and the design and construction team to create unique spaces and environments.  Our design approach is simple: We utilize classic design principals, design according to the client’s style, and fuel the project with fresh creativity and positive energy.  Casey Roy Design specializes in design services for Residential New Construction & Remodeling, Multi-Family, Luxury Vacation Homes, Boutique Hospitality & Specialty Commercial Projects.

In May of 2015, we launched two additional businesses, Citrine Home, a home décor boutique, and Framed, a custom art and picture framing studio.  Out clients are loving the synergy between our 3 Businesses and so are we!

Citrine Home offers stylish home furnishings,  statement accessories, decorative lighting, art, rugs, pillows, unique gifts, and a line of signature-scented candles.   Our unique product offerings tempt the senses and provide exclusive products to the marketplace.  Citrine Home showcases décor typically only available through design trade and features the work of our talented local artisans.  Our showroom is open to the public and the design trade and is guaranteed to make you want to indulge in style!

Framed provides quality custom art and picture framing for all individuals, businesses, artists, and the Design Trade.  Quality, custom framing spotlights the art or object it is a platform for, making even the most ordinary piece come to life and the most extraordinary piece more compelling! Our framers have more than 30 years of combined experience  to give our clients a level of expertise that is quality-driven, detailed, creative, and enthusiastic. All small single-piece projects and large-capacity projects are welcome.  

Casey Roy Design, Framed and Citrine Home are located in Olmos Park at 4119 McCullough San Antonio, Texas 78212.

2. What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? 
I love the being able to set the pace of my work life which seems to be full steam ahead most of the time.

3. What is one piece of advice you’d give from your experience of being an entrepreneur? 
Never be afraid to “push the reset button” or “move the needle” to inspire change and new found forward progress in business or your personal life.

4. What are your favorite things to do outside of the office?
I am a college football fan and love Aggie football games tailgates with friends, family & colleagues.

5. What makes you the happiest?   
I love visiting cities around the country and exploring the unique culture and vibe each city holds.  I always gain energy and perspective from visit new cities and experiencing the local flair.

6. What would you consider your biggest achievement or greatest moment of euphoria in your business?
By proudest achievement is the assimilating a fabulous team of talented professionals to work with each and every day.  Each person within Citrine Home, Casey Roy Design & Framed are my heroes.  Their passion for what we are doing on a daily basis makes me so proud!

7. What is your favorite book?   
Oooh….tough question!  I enjoy reading business and marketing books when I can force myself to sit down long enough to actually read them.  Honestly, most books serve as coasters for my coffee cup at my bedside table.

8. What do you love most about EO? Why would you recommend EO to a fellow entrepreneur?  
I love the brain power and common denominators I have through my EO Forum mates.  Although, each of them have completely different businesses, the experiences we all have in running businesses are similar.  I learn what works and what doesn’t work from each of them and know I have a wealth of knowledge and resources to tap into within my forum.

9. What leader, mentor or fellow entrepreneur has been an inspiration for you? 
I don’t have one single mentor, I honestly find inspiration in each person I meet.  Design & creation fuel my energy continue to inspire me on a daily basis.





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