‘Trep on: The Entrepreneurs Key to Success


Ask any entrepreneur to choose one leadership quality he/she would like to perfect, there shouldn’t be any hesitation, and I bet they say communication.

As the leader, it is your job to weave a needle of success through the fabric of your team. The best way to do that is improve communication networks and address interpersonal communication issues. Success is in part based on your effort and time, but the one thing it undeniable relies on is your ability to communicate effectively.

The role that communication plays in businesses (regardless of size) is so grand that it would be impossible to define it comprehensively. Regardless of whether you run a large enterprise, SMB or if you are a sole proprietor the requirement to communicate effectively is real.

Included below are ideas and fundamentals of good communication that can be used to improve your team. You will need to determine how these principles apply to you. There is no template.

For the Entrepreneur:
NO expectation without explanation– You are the all-knowing el hefe’, but don’t expect others to be. Manage expectations by providing fully-encompassing directions and explaining intended results and their benefits. Incorporated these principles today between, you and clients (new and old), your team, and even your personal goals (they must be vividly defined).
Listen with concern- Staying neutral as the boss may be impossible, you have your rock stars, personal friends, and employees who need to improve. This is normal, even expected, however, treat all questions and  concerns seriously, and stay neutral.
Have individual (temperature) meetings– Meeting with team members 1-on-1 can produce more insight than other forms of inner-office discussion. As the boss, you are in charge of asking the right questions. Refer to listen with concern.
Be direct and concise– No detail goes un-noticed, and no-body likes a bush beater. O, ya, and public correctness is losing its flare.
Keep your goals in mind-Always keep others updated on progress and developments.
Stay self-aware- No explanation needed.

For the team:
Solution oriented- Don’t create a robot army. Trust me, you want employees who can think on their feet, but more importantly you need employees who want to.
Healthy competition- It never killed anyone, and we know it can be a great incentive, just make sure it doesn’t prevent employees from sharing best practices.
Toss them a bone- Once in a while. This will be different for everyone, and it can be free!

For 2015:
Office culture- The dog days are over, ya. Open spaces, minimal offices, cushioned couches, gaming consuls sleep pods…. Ok, I maybe got a little excited, but seriously, a little “west coast vibin” if you will, could do you and your team some good. O ya, millennials love it!
Team up-Divided teams either break, struggle or never maximize potential. Marketers mingling with sales execs, and sales execs speaking with developers, whaaaat, it’s a new concept, but it works. On the other hand, keep the accountants where ever it is you keep them.
Get with it- Still not sure what ‘it’ is… but ‘it’s’ there.

‘Trep On



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