‘Trep on: Maximize your E-Commerce Business



We have witnessed the business world take a monumental leap into the future during the last 15 years due to the impact and success of online markets. E-commerce is the most vital aspect for doing business in the 21st century; an estimated $327 Billion will be spent in 2016 according to Forrester Research.

Where do these online consumers come from? According to the Global Web Index sales via mobile devices have skyrocketed in the last two years surpassing the more conventional PC method for online site access and .


Search engine optimization is a broad term describing efforts to bring a web-page to the top of any relevant search. Having a strong SEO strategy can make all the difference in the world because you have to be seen to be heard, or in this case purchased! Listed are key components to SEO and things you need to know.

Familiarize yourself with negative SEO monitoring and how online penalties for marketing “malpractice” affect your business. Learn how to generally operate an online recover and note: it is never too late to update.

Do you making the most of your market? Have you generalized search keys and phrases to include all relevant possibilities, or are you stuck like a fly to one, or two strong keywords and still need to expand your reach? If so, adapt your content to appeal to a broader range of people and searches, use content based keyword data.

Hire a pro. Your solution could be a simple fix if you know who to turn to. There are plenty of SEO services , pick one that can help guide you to your audience or better put your audience to you. SEO Requires a real dedication to monitoring trends, recent site activity do your best to avoid bad ‘SEO’ers’.

Web Page

Web page design can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. There is a proven psychology to designing the perfect site. Understand why the experts have their opinions, but always trust your own eye. If something looks off or seems complex, simplify don’t justify!

The main goal of your websites is to create a page that is easy to access and navigate. The page should reflect your brand, if there is a brick and mortar from which the consumer can walk into the website should mimic that experience and feel. Make all products easy to find, and make your call to action even easier, the hunt is over; they found you!

Make load time a priority. No one wants to wait and this is especially true for mobile users who already keen to have a faster experience. Make sure that load times for mobile sites do not exceed 5 seconds, and PC 3 seconds or you could see a sizable reduction to sales

Avoid pop up’s. It’s fairly common to see them but don’t follow suite! Surveys and other promotions seem to populate seconds after accessing a site but it takes even less time for the user to exit the page. Don’t forget that mobile users have a hard time dealing with these ads as many of them take up the whole page or feature microscopic X buttons that require a magnifying glass these techniques are overused and annoying.

Time Well Spent

Know what works for you and appeals to your consumers. Commit to maximizing your CPA potential and retention rate. You’re not a mathematician so take advantage of software such as Kissmetrics or Ad media which will help you better understand and control your audience (there are many similar programs).

‘Trep on!



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