‘Trep On: Deliberate Often, Decide Once

Take a moment to think about every major decision you’ve made that’s had an impact on your business endeavors. How long did it take to reach some of your decisions? Did you have reservations? Don’t—at least try not to. Every decision you make has the possibility to shape your life or your business.

Decisions are arguably one of the most important parts about being an entrepreneur because you cannot move forward without them; and they can take time. “Which direction should I take?” “Should I, or we, upsize or scale back on employment?” “Should I add or drop this client?” It’s no secret that deliberation is key in this process, and don’t shy away from collaborative deliberation. A good leader knows that they cannot reasonably be the sole decision maker in every endeavor. This is where you can flesh out possible outcomes (good or bad), opportunities and objectives with your partners or peers. Collaborative decision-making can also save you from what’s called analysis paralysis.  When you spend too much time wondering about the “what ifs” and “buts” of the situation, you tend to get nowhere—and getting nowhere does nothing but stall growth and development. Your partners and peers can help you avoid this by keeping you grounded and on track while offering perspective.

The most important and satisfying thing about making decisions in your business is watching your objectives and goals take flight. This doesn’t always happen immediately and can sometimes take the form of a domino effect; but fear not, as long as you are clear in your objectives and know which direction you want to end up, everything will fall into place. At the end of the day, trust yourself and your leadership abilities to make the right choices to move you forward. If at any time you find that maybe you didn’t make the right decision, that’s okay. There’s always tomorrow to make another, better one. So decide on, ‘treps.




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