WPO-EO Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Mission Statement

The WPO-EO Mentorship Program seeks to develop both the EO Entrepreneur and WPO Mentor in business, personal growth and perspective.

Program Overview

The WPO-EO Mentorship Program is a chapter-based, International-supported program which matches interested EO Entrepreneurs with WPO Mentors and EO tenured members in a one-on-one partnership with the goal of facilitating learning between WPO/EO and EO members and helping the Entrepreneur progress personally and professionally.

This Mentorship Program is an exclusive benefit of membership EO. Therefore, it’s only available to members in good standing of EO, WPO International or a WPO chapter.

The chapter Mentorship Chairs is responsible for directing the Mentorship Program and providing potential participants with the Mentorship Program Application. Once they receive completed Applications, they proceed to match members, provide appropriate materials and arrange introductions. If there are sufficient matches at one time, they consider holding a launch or training event.

Once the Mentorship Program is underway, the Chairs may set up a regular schedule for establishing new matches or may match participants as Applications are completed. The Mentorship Program is designed with a four-month introductory period, which allows the participants to reconsider their goals and extend or dissolve the partnership if they wish.


The EO Entrepreneur is expected to take the lead in initiating and developing the mentorship. To that end, the EOer should initiate contact with his/her WPO Mentor to schedule meetings and stay up to date.

The EO member is responsible for coming to meetings prepared, with an agenda and resource materials provided to the Mentor in advance. After the meeting, the EOer should provide a copy of meeting notes to the Mentor and regularly update him/her on progress in accomplishing goals and implementing suggestions.


Mentors and Entrepreneurs are expected to meet face-to-face a minimum of three times in the four-month introductory period. The first meeting should be at the training or at the EOer’s place of business. Following that, meetings should be regular and periodic. No more than six weeks should pass without contact between the Mentor and Entrepreneur. They should schedule meetings well in advance and not wait for a specific issue to arise before scheduling a meeting.

Meetings should be at least one hour, though one-and-a-half to two hours is recommended. More frequent contact by phone or email is recommended, but this should not be so frequent as to be pestering and can’t replace meeting in person.

The goal of this Mentorship Program is to offer the opportunity to establish long-term mentorships, but that doesn’t always meet the need of members. After the four-month introductory period, at any time, either member has the opportunity to end the mentorship.

The Entrepreneur may find that the mentorship was only to assist in accomplishing a specific goal. Once accomplished, there may not be any reason to continue meeting. If that’s the case, he/she should inform the Mentor and the chapter Chair.

The Entrepreneur shouldn’t just stop communicating, which would be unfair to the Mentor and to the Mentorship Program. At the conclusion of a partnership, members are urged to consider being matched to a new EO Entrepreneur or WPO Mentor.


1. Offer an opportunity for EO members to learn from the experience and insights of WPO members and EO tenured members.

2. Provide an opportunity for WPO and EO tenured members to learn from the current experiences of EO members.

3. Extend the vision of WPO by creating a new environment for the exchange of ideas to enhance lives, enrich families and improve communities.

What Formal Mentoring is NOT:
Mentoring is not one-on-one coaching to walk mentees through a tactical task. Mentoring does not require mentor expertise in a specific industry, topic or task.
Mentoring is not accomplished in a few quick meetings or on an “as-needed” basis. Mentoring does not require an open-ended commitment to a lifelong relationship. Mentoring is not limited to one fixed goal, but can evolve over the course of the relationship.
Mentoring is not a resource request. In the event that a mentor makes a financial investment in the mentee’s business, the formal EO mentoring relationship must be terminated.

Purpose for the Chapter members and mentors:
Learning and growth – builds skills, personal awareness and new perspective
Accountability – maintain focus on goals and development
Tap into wisdom – pick up proven practices and innovative techniques from a peer
Forge deep bonds – create in an intimate environment of sharing and trust
Live EO values – Boldly Go!; Thirst for Learning; Make a Mark; Trust and Respect; Cool

What are the Guidelines for Successful Mentorship?
Mentee-driven relationships that foster personal responsibility, growth and development
Regular face-to-face meetings scheduled monthly for 1-3 hours of uninterrupted time
Written and shared SMART goals that focus on achieving desired outcomes
A one-year timeframe that promotes urgency to accomplish goals
Structure and accountability to maximize time and investment

Key qualities in a mentee:
Committed to, and takes responsibility for, their personal and business growth
Embraces the values of EO and is actively involved with chapter events, leadership, etc.
Aggressively seeks out resources needed to advance
Strives to achieve personal and business goals
Open to feedback and challenges from others
Recognizes that the expectation includes also being willing to serve as a mentor

Make sure mentees are committed:
Set qualifications for applicants, and create a worthy pool of candidates
Utilize the program as an incentive or reward for engaged members, and make it exclusive

Program Application
Thank you for your interest in the Mentorship Program. To be eligible for mentoring, please complete this page and provide the following details listed below, as well as anything else you’d like to share. These will help us create the best match for you.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Company(s): ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ______________________________ Cell: _________________________________
Email: ______________________________ Fax: _________________________________

My particular areas of expertise:
( ) IT/Technology ( ) Startups ( ) International
( ) Consumer Products ( ) Operations ( ) IPO/Public Companies
( ) Business Services ( ) Finance ( ) Public Relations
( ) Strategy ( ) Marketing/Sales ( ) Other: ______________________

Please include the following:
• Bio/resume (includes business background and education)
• A brief narrative explaining why you are interested in Mentorship
• A brief narrative explaining what you hope to get out of a successful relationship
• Additional information you’d like to share (optional)

Please submit your application via email or fax to either EO Mentorship Chair below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Name: Ron Lee email: ron.lee@wiikno.com Ph: (210) 382-3832

EO Mentorship engages members in goal-driven relationships that accelerate personal and professional growth. In an intimate “experience share” setting, Mentoring relationships empower the mentee to drive his/her own development, while receiving support from a mentor’s insight, perspective and support. EO’s Mentorship programs are chapter-based, so to find out what opportunities are available to you, contact your local chapter board.



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