Member Spotlight: Rafael Miner

EO member since…
2003 Monterrey Mexico and joined EO San Antonio in 2007

My company is…
Interexpress LLP / AA Miner sc

My favorite place to vacation…

Anywhere with snow! Specially Beaver Creek, Deer Valley, Aspen

The best thing about EO…

Meeting entrepreneurs from all over the world and forum

Memorable EO experience…
The three EO Universities I’ve been able to attend

Favorite forum exercise…
Accountability exercises

Words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs…
Sometimes what we don’t know that we don’t know, could be our Achilles tendon. Due diligence rules! Take the time to go over all the details and don’t be afraid to ask for expert recommendations.

Favorite movie…

I love movies; a few of the latest ones I’ve really liked are Inception, The social network and Biutiful

Favorite music…

Alternative like the Killers and House music

One thing that no one knows about you…
Traveling and learning about other cultures is one of my passions. French and Italian are languages that I continue to learn.

If you weren’t an entrepreneur you’d be…
If an entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or even a new idea, accountable for the inherent risks and outcome, then I’d always be an entrepreneur, no matter what I did for a living.

Contact info….
rafael-miner@interexpress.net / (956) 286-8528



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